Ica International Harvest Festival, the great festival of our grapes

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If for the Romans and Greeks the grape was a symbol of power, in Ica it is a representation of prosperity that is celebrated in the traditional Ica International Harvest Festival. This will be the Bicentennial Edition, to be held at the city's Fairgrounds, and will feature a large number of activities, both for the specialized and general public, which runs from March 1 to 10 in the Ica region. Get ready for an experience of Pisco, wine, wineries and all the cultural heritage of this incredible destination.

One of the oldest traditions in Ica

Historically, before being known as the Vendimia, the first inhabitants of Ica already paid tribute to Pachamama, as well as the gods of water and fertility. This was a religious ceremony of great importance for the residents, because they thanked the deities for the grape harvests, and also asked them for good production in the future.

It was not until 1938 that Grape and Wine Week was established in the region, celebrated between February 26 and March 3, and its purpose was also to thank nature for its benefits. They were days of dancing and singing in the agricultural fields of the various localities, in which a beauty queen was also chosen, and toasted with typical liquors based on grape distillate.

Today, the International Harvest Festival of the Ica region is the ideal time to learn more about the process of making Pisco, our Denomination of Origin distillate, the exquisite wines and the traditional mistelas. You will not find another event in the world where you can try all these Peruvian products, and learn more about their history and legacy.

Unmissable activities

So that you can make the most of this tradition, these are the experiences in which we recommend you participate:

1. Grape stomping

This is your opportunity to become a “pisador” or “pisadora” and practice one of the oldest techniques for making Ica liquors. In the past, the harvested grapes were placed in a space similar to an empty swimming pool, in which a group of people would step on the grapes to extract their juice.

Grape stomping is one of the activities most anticipated by the public.

2. Pisco Route

It is your opportunity to become a “taster” for a day and learn about the varieties of our flagship drink.

Have you ever wondered how Pisco is produced? The most important distillate in our country has a very careful process for its production, from the sowing of the so-called “pisquera grapes”. In addition, you will know the difference between the three varieties of Pisco: pure, acholado and green must.

3.Participate in the traditional parade

Accompany the floats on this route of lights and local culture.

Local traditions, music and more than 100 Ica dance and print workshops come together in this incredible activity, which is also a reflection of the interculturality of the towns in the region. This year, the route begins in the Plaza de Armas and ends at the Campo Ferial.

  1. Route of the Winepresses

Accompany Señorita Vendimia 2024, the queen of the festival, on her route through the different wineries, where she will do the traditional grape stomping and greet the entire audience. You can also take the opportunity to visit and learn about the history of these traditional places.

Remember that you can access the entire activity program at this link , and thus plan your visit and the experiences that we recommend here.

  1. Paso horse competition

It is impossible to miss this majestic sailor show, in which the paso horses participate, one of the most representative examples of culture in the country. There will be 60 foals that will participate in this contest, who will have the most experienced barges from Arequipa, Lima and Chincha.

  1. National Afro-Peruvian music competition

The XV National Afro Dance Competition FIVI 2024 will bring together more than 300 participants on stage, who revalue that colonial legacy of our Afro-Peruvian roots, through the performance of majestic dances. In addition to contemplating the performance of national exponents, it is the ideal setting to learn more about this incredible culture.

There are 20 activities that will take place during this festival, get ready and plan your itinerary to enjoy each of them!

A stop to eat and travel

The pallares in Ica have a sweet flavor and give a special touch to each recipe.

Taking into account that you are already in Ica, do not forget to taste its most emblematic typical dishes, such as a salad and chupe de pallares, based on one of its products that is most grown in the region, a dry soup with carapulcra, beans casting, the exquisite tiles, among others.

Furthermore, in the city you can find different tourist attractions such as the Huacachina lagoon, the mysterious town of Cachiche, the beautiful Church of San Francisco de Asís, the different wineries, among others. You choose where to start this tour, what we guarantee is an incredible experience.

March, the month of the grape harvest in Ica

Given the importance of this input for the region, the cities of Pisco, Nasca and Paracas also have their own harvests. Both start in a staggered manner, at the end of the festival in the city of Ica, and will have endless activities that we tell you about here so that this month you can live it to the rhythm of music, traditions and Pisco.

  • Pisco Harvest

The province of Pisco will also have this incredible festival, which runs from March 5 to 8, and will feature artistic shows, live music, grape stomping, tasting of local drinks and more. Likewise, it is also the time to visit the wine cellars in the city.

Access the official program .

  • Nasca grape harvest

From March 18 to 24, the city center of Nasca will host this incredible festival dedicated to the grape. It will have activities similar to the celebration, such as the beauty queen contest, routes in traditional wine cellars, tastings of Pisco and other products derived from grapes, allegorical parades and also a celebration at the emblematic María Reiche Aerodrome.

Here we leave you the official schedule.

  • Paracas grape harvest

Imagine enjoying a good chilcano or any other Pisco-based cocktail, on a beautiful boardwalk and in front of the sea. This is one of the main attractions that the Paracas Harvest will have, to take place on March 22 and 23, at the Chaco Playa Explanada. Be part of the tasting and tasting of our country's star distillate, participate in the traditional grape stomping, and enjoy the best live music at this incredible event.

This is your official program .

In March you cannot miss the traditional harvests in Ica, which bring together traditions, culture, music, gastronomy and more celebrations. Remember that you have all these offers available to make your visit unforgettable. Travel and discover our wonderful country!

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