Holy Week: an unforgettable trip through Áncash, Madre de Dios and San Martín

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Get your backpack ready, traveler! Holy Week is a special time in our country, due to its large number of outdoor activities and the natural wonders that we can explore. On this unique trip, we invite you to discover the diversity of experiences that the regions of Áncash, Madre de Dios and San Martín have to offer during this celebration.

From exciting adventure sports to serene tourist spots, get ready to experience an unforgettable Holy Week in Peru. Let us begin!

Áncash, snowy Andean mountains and hiking

Lagoon 69 is one of the more than 300 lagoons found in the Huascarán National Park.

Just imagine this scene: you and your friends, in the Huascarán National Park, after walking towards the beautiful lagoon 69, camping in the light of the moon and the snowy Andean mountains. We assure you that the stars will never look so clear and the sky clear when you arrive at this incredible point in Ancash. This is not the only tour that we recommend, because you can also enjoy trekking routes in the Llanganuco ravine, in the Llaca ravine and observe the beautiful lakes in this Protected Natural Area.

If you are more of those who enjoy traditions and folklore during Holy Week, then you cannot miss visiting one of the best tourist towns in the world, highlighted by the UN Tourism, such as Chacas. Here the route to the Don Bosco artisan workshop is a must, a stop at Punta Olímpica, while you contemplate the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

We cannot fail to mention the Chavín Archaeological Monument and its Chavín at night event, the mystical Callejón de Huaylas and the city of Huaraz. Precisely, at this last point, during Good Friday, the three falls of the Nazarene are staged, being the only procession in which this mystery was recreated; Nowadays, it has been adapted by other groups. Find out the dates here .

Madre de Dios, the heart of biodiversity

In the Tambopata National Reserve there are more than 600 species of majestic birds.

In the lush region of Madre de Dios, the long holiday takes on a unique character in the Amazon jungle. Immerse yourself among the treetops through hanging bridges, experience exciting activities such as boating or kayaking on the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers, observe the beauty of nature from the window of your room and go for a night walk in search for caimans, all this in the Tambopata National Reserve.

In addition, you can enjoy the serenity of tourist places such as Lake Sandoval, the macaw and parrot clay licks, Lake Yacumama or the Chestnut Park, where you can marvel at the diversity of wildlife and the natural beauty of the Peruvian Amazon. .

San Martín, ancestral history and Amazonian nature

Cruise the rivers of the Santa Elena Ecological Reserve and discover the wonders of the Peruvian jungle.

In San Martín, Holy Week is mixed with cultural wealth and adventure in the jungle. Explore the mysterious corners of the Santa Elena Ecological Reserve with exciting boat expeditions along the Romero and Negro rivers; tour the Tingana Ecological Reserve with the residents of the community, habitat of species in vulnerable situations, and learn about the conservation of the ecosystem; and visit the Palestine Cave, which is considered the second deepest in Peru, and the butterfly garden where you learn about metamorphosis and the more than 20 species that reproduce in this eco-friendly space.

Also, you can observe orchids and hummingbirds in Aconabikh, Upper Shilcayo, Guardian Forest, Waqanki, White Sand Reserves, Morro de Causeway and connect with nature at Ahuashiyacu Falls, Carpishuyacu Waterfalls, Willow Lake or Blue Lagoon and meet the villages of Lamas and Chazuta, where ancient history meets the exuberance of Amazonian nature.

Furthermore, in Lamas , during these days processions, masses and a staging of the passion and death of Jesus Christ are celebrated, performed by local actors. Take advantage of the moment and visit the craft and gastronomic fairs and experiences that fuse local fervor and Christian traditions.

Peruvian traditions and celebrations during Holy Week

Enjoying Holy Week in Peru is also knowing the essence and religious fervor of the different regions. Dances, gastronomy and local art come together in parades, festivals and traditions that paint each destination with colors. Would you like to live these experiences? Pay attention to the following list:

Ayacucho : From March 21 to 31, participate in this festivity that is Cultural Heritage of the Nation, in which important biblical passages are staged, with colors and costumes typical of the region. Don't forget to try the Ayacuchano chorizo, typical on these dates.

Moquegua : from March 24 to 31, this celebration is also Cultural Heritage of the Nation, and takes place in the town of Omate. One of the most important traditions is the presentation of the Via Crucis and the construction of the seven posas, which are installed in the corners destined for the stations of the procession of the Holy Sepulcher. The assembly is like an ascending staircase and, in some cases, they have more than 30 steps.

Arequipa : on March 29, from the Santo Domingo temple in the center of the city, the Procession of the Holy Sepulcher takes place, in homage to Jesus Christ on the day of his death. You can also visit the Paucarpata district to watch more than 250 actors stage the Life, Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Remember that all the festivities and dates about the celebrations during Holy Week are at your fingertips on the Y tú qué plans portal. Join us on this journey of discovery and excitement with these amazing deals .

Solve all your doubts with IPERÚ

Don't forget that, if you have any questions about the festivities, you can contact the IPERÚ specialists, the bosses of tourism in the country.

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