They discover a monumental plaza in Cajamarca that is more than 5000 years old

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This is one of the most important archaeological finds in the history of Cajamarca: the Callacpuma Archaeological Research Project (PIA), on the hill that bears the same name, discovered that the monumental plaza located here is nearly 5,000 years old. antiquity; That is, it is on the same timeline as the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge in the United Kingdom.

This discovery is important because it places the region in a historical moment like the Sacred City of Caral, in Lima, and confirms that, a thousand years before the Archaeological Site of Pacopampa - in 2750 BC. C, approximately -, also located in the Cajamarca region, there were already communities that carried out these works.

Research is still continuing, but it is hypothesized that this space would have served for meetings of the late pre-ceramic communities that lived here. In addition, it is expected that this archaeological area could also be a place for astronomical observations.

Monumental Cajamarca

Would you like to contribute to these findings? Keep in mind that Cajamarca is one of the most impressive archaeological destinations in the country, so you must keep in mind that, with every step you take, you may be on a historical site not yet explored. Protect the place you visit and share this information so that more specialists are encouraged to continue this incredible research work.

Our wealth as a country is impressive!

Photo credit: Archaeological Research Project (PIA) Callacpuma

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