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Los Tambos Colonial, is a public civil architectural building, Neoclassical style, located at 409 Mercaderes street, old Moquegua street, current Los Tambos Colonial hotel. It is a building from the beginning of the 18th century (colonial era) and partly remodeled in the 19th century, the first patio (first bay) is complete and allows a clear reading of the colonial architecture of Arequipa, this patio is completely restored with the Typical 45 degree rounded pebble floor, all rooms are roofed with 45 degree barrel vaults and ashlar (ashlar in the first third and brick in the remaining 2 thirds). There is a doorway in this first patio that bears the anagrams of Jesús Hijo Sagrado, María and José, in planiform carving with a double cornice of which only one cornice remains, as well as a staircase that leads to the roofs. This second floor was a typical building of the first republic, which was added and demolished with the earthquake of 1958, the corbels that supported the balconies under each of the openings of the façade are still preserved.

This building has great artistic values, one of which is that the refectory and the chapel are defined by arcades in good condition, adjoining the second courtyard, where modern architecture is developed that is contextual with the historic building. The guardilla also presents intact, these guardillas are an example of the typology of the Virreinal and Republican ancestral mansions of Arequipa.

The new construction was carried out in the 80s and 90s, it is a building that has the authorization of the INC Arequipa, on what was the second courtyard that could not be preserved to this day; but the new construction is an architecture designed not to contrast with the historic building, its function is to be a hotel; the rooms are freely accessible, thus leaving the patrimonial values for the contemplation of all visitors.


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Our rooms offer a warm welcome to our guests, and from the moment they enter, we anticipate a personalized welcome, reflecting the unforgettable experience that we want to create for our guests.








Our most appreciated services.

The services of Hotel Los Tambos Colonial are oriented to guarantee the maximum enjoyment of all our guests, in a cozy atmosphere and with personalized attention. The following are our services most appreciated by our guests.


Whether you start your sightseeing day, or you need to go on a tour trip that requires an early departure from the hotel, we will be delighted to serve your breakfast in our Ruphai cafeteria, with our unique à la carte breakfast which includes some Andean options. Our breakfast is prepared at the very moment with fresh ingredients.


You will have a secure reception; we offer transfer service Airport - Hotel $ 10.00 USD.
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We invite you to use the services of our concierge to make advance arrangements for activities such as monument visits, bus tours, restaurant reservations, children's programs, adventure sports and much more. In the same way, we invite you to mention any preferences you have for your room.

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About Hotel Los Tambos Colonial.

ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certification

In 2022 Los Tambos achieved the ISSO Quality Certification ISSO 9001-2015. This implied a rigorous standardization in the processes of all the areas involved in guest service; And it also entails constant training and updating for our collaborators, joining efforts to guarantee a quality service and consequently achieving a unique experience during the stay of our visitors..

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Green Energy

Our hotel has solar panel that allow us to reduce the energy consumption of the conventional electrical system, in this way we reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the protection of the environment

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Los Tambos Colonial Hotel

Los Tambos Colonial Hotel is a beautiful mansion from 1820 in Arequipa, which has been restored and converted into a Hotel with the highest standards of comfort, sophistication and privacy. Located in the historic center of Arequipa, 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas.

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Tourist attractions in Arequipa

The Sillar Quarries

Las Canteras de Añashuayco is a natural tourist attraction located northwest of the city of Arequipa. They are also known as the "Sillar Quarries". It is located in a ravine that extends for more than 18 kilometers. It is born at the foot of Chachani, one of the most important volcanoes of the famous White City, next to the Chili River.

The ancient architecture of Arequipa is known to be one of the most beautiful in Peru. As we mentioned, the sillar of quarries is the material with which most of its buildings have been built since 500 years ago.

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The Sabandia Windmill

This beautiful construction dates from the seventeenth century, which was forged in ashlar stone in its entirety. The importance of its design as its old age has managed to be considered as part of the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, being considered as one of the many monuments of rural mestizo architecture of Arequipa.

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The Viewpoint of Yanahuara

The viewpoint of Yanahuara, a group of beautiful sillar arches built during the 19th century, due to its location in the which is, is a must visit, because it allows admiring the beautiful white city of Arequipa, having a panoramic view of its three volcanoes: Misti, Chachani, and Pichu Pichu. We can also observe engravings of illustrious people from the city of Arequipa.

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Canoeing in Arequipa

Canoeing in Arequipa is one of the adventure sports that Arequipa offers its visitors, for those looking for quiet emotions, live an adventure just 25 minutes from the Plaza de Armas de Arequipa, the Chili River is a river with little flow , but with many class II, III and IV rapids. Which makes it a technical river, fast and fun rafting on the Chili River, we invite you to live and be part of this exciting adventure.

The descent of the river is for a section of 6 km. (1: 30h to 2h, depending on the group with the largest time) in boats with capacity for 06 passengers (for safety and comfort of our passengers, we carry 5 passengers maximum per raft + 01 instructor guide (the captain).

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The Colca Canyon

The Colca Valley is one of the deepest in the world and a popular destination to do trekking. In this valley inhabits the huge Andean lake, which can be seen from several viewpoints, such as Cruz del Condor. It is an area with green landscapes and several remote traditional villages where the terraces are cultivated typical of the Incas.

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The Santa Catalina Monastery

The convent of Santa Catalina is a small citadel built in clay and sillar with magnificent fresco paintings that occupy an area of 20 thousand square meters and is divided into four neighborhoods, trying to emulate the Arequipa urban layout of the first years of the Colony.

Its architectural style is based on Spanish influence, but made with indigenous hands. Therefore, unlike other colonial public buildings, in Santa Catalina we can find the fusion of Spanish and indigenous elements, forming something original.

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    Words from the Board of Directors / Managers / CEO

    Alvaro Gonzalez & Claudia Alatrista

    At Los Tambos Group, we are committed to ensure that all our guests have a pleasant experience during their stay in our hotels, exceeding their expectations with warm attention , safe and welcoming facilities, located in the heart of Arequipa, thus making their visit to Árequipa be unforgettable, taking with you the best memories of Arequipa.
    Both venues are located in the heart of Arequipa, in the middle of the Historic Center - Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Los Tambos Boutique is located half a block from the Plaza de Armas, with a modern, warm infrastructure and terraces with amazing views of the city and the Cathedral. Los Tambos Colonial, is located 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas, an 18th century mansion with a very traditional ashlar architecture, vaults, colonial patios and arts from the Cusqueña School; a perfect place for your stay in the white city.
    In both locations you will experience the warmth of our service that characterizes us and à la carte breakfast with 5 options prepared with typical regional products.
    Our service has been recognized for several years by our visitors through their reviews on opinion sites such as Trip Advisor, where we have been among the top positions for 13 consecutive years; as well as Certification recognitions since we have the ISSO Quality ISSO 9001:2015, CALTUR Tourism Quality award in 2020, Safe Travels Seal guaranteeing safe protocols, Arequipa Brand Ambassadors, City Tourism Seal, among others .
    We provide our services under a green policy, reducing as much as possible our footprint in the environment, recycling and reusing; For this reason, we also motivate our guests and our team to develop a responsible awareness of conservation.
    Each one of the members of Los Tambos team, we are professionals with a passion for customer service and warmness in every detail, we are committed to make your visit a wonderful experience.
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