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Are you looking for an adventure full of culture, folklore and dazzling nature? Then Junín is your next destination! Located in the central region of Peru, this department encompasses a surprising diversity of landscapes, from the mythical mountains of the Sierra to the lush vegetation of the jungle. Additionally, it is home to one of the most impressive and majestic traditions in our country: the Huaylarsh.

As we want you to enjoy this tradition to the fullest, here we tell you everything about the Huaylarsh route, the dates on which it takes place, and some tourist attractions in the region that you can visit during your visit.

Tradition and heritage of the Mantaro Valley

If there is something that distinguishes Junín, it is its special bond with Huaylarsh. This vibrant dance, whose roots date back to pre-Hispanic times, is a true cultural treasure of the region. Did you know that it was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2005?

For different experts, this dance arose with the Wanka civilization, which developed in this area, and was an expression of gratitude to Pachamama or mother earth during times of sowing and harvest, when threshing cereals or growing potatoes, which They involve the feeling of love and fertility.

That's why the dancers have so much charisma among them, when they intertwine their steps to the rhythm of the bands.

Dancing from February to April

On February 2, the celebrations begin in Junín to the rhythm of this incredible dance in the ancestral Acshu Tatay or potato recultivation, in the district of Sapallanga; From here we don't stop until the music stops playing. The towns that you should take into account are Sicaya, in its traditional Sicaíno Carnival; Huancayo, at the exit of the Ño Carnavalón; Quilcas and Chongos Bajos, with the Huaylarsh Festival; Viques, Pucará, Huacrapuquio, among others. Be careful, this is only during February.

In March, we will go to the Chupaca district and Pititayo Pititayo Town Center for the Huaylarsh Encounter; from here we continue by Potaca Populated Center Potaca - Vista Alegre, Palaco, Llamapsillón, Huacramasana, Magdalena, Huancayo, Palmayoc and Yauris to live this incredible moment, where dancers from all over the region gather to share knowledge and experiences, in between of a great certamen.

And in April for the final contest of Wanka Nation, Huancayo awaits us. You can also enjoy this dance in the Huaylarsh Quasimodo Contest, in Chilca or Huasicancha.

Find out the details of the dates here .

Discover the secrets of Junín

Aside from the dancers marking the steps of the Huaylarsh, it is impossible not to marvel at the landscape and destinations that are part of Junín. There is the imposing Cani Cruz, the Copón Church, Chanchas railway bridge, Wariwillka Site and Sanctuary Museum, Pucará village, Pucará viewpoint, Cochas Chico craft village, Cochas Grande craft village, Golden Forest Complex, Park of the Huanca identity, ACR Huaytapallana and Torre Torre geological formations.

Every corner of this region has something special to offer you, even more so with these incredible offers .

A trip with purpose

Remember that the main objective of the Huaylarsh route is to encourage and promote tourism, crafts and the regional economy of the Mantaro Valley. In this way, cultural manifestations such as the Huaylarsh Wanka are also revalued, the traditions that make Junín a unique destination in Peru are preserved and promoted.

So get ready to dance to the rhythm of the Huaylarsh and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Junín.

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